MozzartBet Bet Through SMS

MozzartBet Bet Through SMS

Many modern bookmakers allow using SMS for accessing various features in order to simplify user experience. The service can be involved in registration, depositing and withdrawing money, checking account balance, and many other things. 

Wagering via SMS also exists and is quite common across various betting platforms. MozzartBet Kenya offers such a service to its clients. In this article, we will cover the way it works, as well as other ways one can interact with this bookmaker using SMS. 

MozzartBet Review 

An established betting platform, MozzartBet has been constantly operating in the world of betting and gambling for over two decades. The website offers various wagering options for a decent selection of sports, as well as casinos and the jackpot. The impressive variety of promotions and bonuses also attracts all types of punters.

MozzartBet is available in many African countries, including Kenya, where it operates under a locally issued license.

How to Bet

MozzartBet’s SMS betting is a well-thought-out feature. You can place different kinds of wagers, including multiple ones, by just using various digit combinations. Let’s check how it’s done.

How to Bet Through SMS

In order to place a single wager, send a message containing the game ID number, the outcome you bet on, and the stake. As an example, 1234#X#500, where 1234 is the ID of the match, X is an outcome, and 500 will be the stake. 

If you plan to place a multiple bet, then the message would be something like this: 1234#X#5678#Y#100, with 5678 standing for the ID of the second game and Y being the outcome.


Mozzartbet deposit

The M-Pesa account can be used for such purposes. The steps are simple: 

  1. Go to M-Pesa.
  2. Select Lipa NA M-Pesa.
  3. Go to pay bill.
  4. The platform’s number is 290059, input it;
  5. Leave the field featuring account info empty;
  6. Input the sum, don’t use commas or other separators when doing so;
  7. Confirm.

How to Deposit Through SMS

Unfortunately, depositing via SMS is not possible with this bookmaker. There is a chance that this capability might become available in the future, since the platform already offers many features through SMS. 


Mozzartbet Withdrawal

The platform offers several ways to withdraw. While this article is mainly focused on using SMS to interact with the website, we will also cover the ways to move your funds to M-Pesa and bank accounts. 

Mozzartbet Withdrawal via SMS

This can be done in a fast and simple manner. Send a message to 29990. The message must contain the letter R, the sum to withdraw, and your pin code, each separated with the # symbol. An example would be: R#500#1234, where 500 means the amount, and 1234 stands for your pin code.

Mozzartbet Withdrawal via M-Pesa

The service is compatible with M-Pesa. In order to do so, go through the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your account; 
  2. Find the option to withdraw in the settings of your account; 
  3. Choose M-Pesa as the method; 
  4. Input the amount to withdraw;
  5. Click the button; 
  6. Receive the funds on your account. 

Mozzartbet Withdrawal to Bank Account

This process is also straightforward. 

  1. Log in;
  2. Select “Withdrawal” in the account tab; 
  3. Choose “Bank Withdrawal”; 
  4. You will see the list containing banks, select yours;
  5. Input details; 
  6. Enter the amount to transfer;
  7. Click “Withdraw”;
  8. Confirm.


Overall, the platform makes it possible to bet with the help of SMS. Depositing money and withdrawing your funds can also be done using the service. Such features are useful and can improve the experience of interacting with the bookmaker. 

Our article covered these moments, and hopefully we explained in detail the ways to use SMS with MozzartBet. If you want to learn more about the bookmaker and what it offers, read our full review.


Mozzartbet FAQ
  • What is MozzartBet paybill number?

It’s 290059 for M-Pesa. 

  • What is the minimum deposit in Mozzartbet?

The smallest sum that you can deposit is KSh 50, while the maximum one is KSh 70, 000.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal in MozzartBet?

The numbers are the same as for deposit amounts.

  • How long does it take for a MozzartBet deposit to reflect?

Depositing is a fast process, it takes a few minutes.

  • How much does it take to withdraw from MozzartBet?

Withdrawal from the bookmaker doesn’t take much time, with M-Pesa it will be done in several minutes, while the SMS and bank transfer methods can sometimes take a couple of hours.

  • How can I register on MozzartBet?

There’s a special article called “Mozzartbet Kenya Register.” Check it out if you’d like to learn how to register.

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