How to Cancel a Bet in Betika?

Bet in Betika

Betika, one of the most acknowledged Kenyan bookmakers, always appears to be a great place to have fun after a tough day at work or enhance your enjoyment of watching your favorite sports by making real money wagers. Just like on any other service, mistakes can happen while gambling and sports wagering, and as a reputable and trustworthy company, Betika lends a helping hand by allowing its customers to cancel their bets. In this article, we’re going to break down the cancellation process with this bookmaker and explain everything as fluently as possible. Let’s get started!

How to Bet on Betika

To begin our article, we’d like to explain how to place wagers on Betika in Kenya. Obviously, it’s quite useless to know how to cancel your bet and not know how to make it in the first place. Here is what you should do:

  1. Navigate to Betika or run the app.
  2. Ensure that you’re signed-in and have enough funds deposited.
  3. Select the sport you’d want to wager on.
  4. Decide on which concrete match you’d like to make a wager.
  5. Locate and select the most appropriate betting market on the page of the match.
  6. Add it to the betslip.
  7. Specify the sum you’d like to wager.
  8. Check that your betslip has no mistakes.
  9. Confirm it.
  10. Your wager is successfully placed!

All the Steps to Cancel Your Bet

Cancel Bet in Betika

Now we proceed to the cancellation of the unwanted wager. But before we break down the steps, here are the general requirements for the bet to be called off:

  • You have fifteen minutes from the time you place your wager to cancel it
  • You can cancel a wager only before the match kicks off

If both requirements are met, you can consider trying to wipe out your bet. You have two options on how to do so, which we will describe in further sections.

via SMS

If you’d like to cancel your wager via SMS, simply submit your request in the following format:

“CANCEL#BET_ID,” where BET_ID is the identification number of the match, which can be found on both the website and app pages of the match.

Example: CANCEL#60955

Be advised that you can only cancel three wagers via SMS per day.

via Website

In order to cancel a wager on Betika’s website, you should proceed to the “My Bets” section, while logged into your profile. Then, search through your wager history and find the one you’d like to call off. Finally, locate the cancellation button and hit it. If all the requirements mentioned above are met, your wager will be officially canceled and the money will be automatically refunded to your Betika’s balance.

Are There Any Charges for Refusing a Wager?

Refusing a Wager Betika

Canceling wagers on Betika does not cost a single shilling. It’s a completely free feature designed to help you get out of situations where you’ve made an unintentional mistake, such as clicking on the incorrect betting market or adding one more null to your stake amount. It’s always crucial to check your betslip before confirming your bet. Betika, as a bookmaker that cares for its customers, allows manipulations with bets like canceling, while most of its rivals simply don’t.

Although the cancellation process is free of charge, we highly advise you to thoroughly check your betslip before confirming it.

When Should You Cancel a Bet?

It’s always good to call off your wager whenever you’ve made a mistake while placing it. For instance, you might have missed clicking the betting market, the match, the stake amount, and so on. Without this feature, you’d simply watch your money disappear as the game happened. But with this feature, you can take your money back and place a correct wager, which can also make you lose money, but at least it’s going to be your prediction and a test of your knowledge, rather than a small mistake that takes all the pleasure of betting away.

How To Delete Account on Betika

How To Delete Account on Betika

The customer service department of Betika is in charge of such actions. Whether you’d like to temporarily suspend your account, permanently block it, or delete it, please reach out to the specialists in Betika’s CS, and they will be pleased to assist you.


Having a second chance is a miracle, both in real life and in online sports wagering. Most popular bookmaking companies do not officially allow punters to cancel their wagers, possibly only using the cash-out feature, which is not a direct alternative to cancellation because it always withholds a portion of the sum. While playing on Betika, you should not stress about it.

Hopefully, we’ve covered all the questions you have about wager cancellation on Betika in Kenya. If you’d like to learn more about SMS-betting, check out a comprehensive guide on how to bet on Betika via SMS.


  • How Can I Delete My Betika History?

You can’t manually delete the history of your bets on Betika. Submit a message to CS specialists, but it also does not guarantee that they will fill your request.

  • What Is The Maximum Withdrawal From Betika?

KES 70,000./-

  • How to use welcome bonuses?

Unfortunately, Kenyan Betika does not have a welcome bonus.

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