How to Bet on Betika

How to Bet on Betika

One of, if not the most popular betting companies among Kenyan punters is Betika. It is quite user-friendly and provides a good number of sports as well as events for Kenyans to be betting on. In this post, we examine how one may go about placing their bets with this sportsbook and what prerequisites must be met.

Betika Short Review

Along with an awesome selection of sports and quality customer services, players may win as much as 1 million KES with a single event. There are roulette, slot machines, as well as card games all accessible for quick play and for you to win with Betika. Winnings may be applied when wagering on more games. With Betika, you’ll be able to access simulated virtual leagues as well as games that force you to diversify your game choices. Then there’s also a separate Betika app accessible to lessen website traffic. No need to worry about deposit methods as the Kenyan Shilling will be accepted across the entire platform. The fact that you may explore Betika’s official website completely for free sets it apart from many other similar betting platforms.

Games, Casino, and Jackpots

Betika Casino

Hardcore gamblers, we know for a fact, are more interested in their sports wagering selections than whatever the bonus is. In that sense, Betika is a top-notch online bookmaker.

  • Games

The page which opens right away is going to be the sports section, as you are well aware. You can view every listed sport that’s currently available on the left side of your screen. Football, Aussie Rules, Rugby, together with American Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, and many more.

Even if this selection doesn’t seem all that impressive to you, it covers all the important ones from across the globe. Few bettors can genuinely exceed Betika’s boundaries when they think about betting.

  • Casino

We are all aware of the negative aspects of “online gambling,” including an online-casino. Although Betika is one of the top gaming destinations in the nation, as of this writing, it does not have the most stunning online-casino. You can choose between slots and table games, but there’s nothing outstanding or impressive to talk about. It can be as a result of Kenyans’ greater interest in betting on sports than in online casino games.

  • Jackpots

For accurately guessing all results with 12 picks from various leagues, the platform is ready to give out a large weekly jackpot reward of 2 million KES.

Placing Bets

Placing Bets Betika

Here’s a quick guide on how it’s possible for you to easily start placing your bets:

  1. Create your account with Betika Kenya.
  2. Go to a category you prefer, like football.
  3. Choose the options by pressing the odds you think will win.
  4. Examine and check what’s on your wager slip.
  5. Type the amount you wish to wager.
  6. For you to finish the procedure, press “Place Bet”.

Single Bets

This entails betting using just a single market. With that, the results coming from many games will not affect your winnings from a single bet.

Multiple Bets

This entails betting across many markets. Your income is going to be based on whether the games do well on their markets.


KES 50 has been indicated as the lowest amount for withdrawing on Betika. The only method currently available is M-PESA. You’ll get an SMS message for each victory you achieve.

  1. Just text “WITHDRAW#SUM” to 29090 to transmit. (Take WITHDRAW#2000 as an example.)
  2. Make a message and wait a little bit
  3. Your account is going to get the credit almost right away.

Betika: How to Win KES 15 Million From KES 15 Stake

Customers must wager KES 15 in order to win the jackpot amounting to KES 15 million. On the company’s website,, the jackpot is already active. Customers may wager on events in the American Premier League, the Czech National Football League, as well as a few virtual games.


Overall, Betika is a wonderful online bookmaker in Kenya that welcomes both novice and seasoned gamblers. However, Betika is not what you may anticipate if you’re looking for a fancy website with loads of promotions and cutting-edge features.


FAQ Betika Bet
  • How do you play Betika games?

If you want to place a wager, you’ll need to first register for an account. Then, just pick a game that suits your interests and read its rules before getting started.

  • How can I earn money in Betika?

It’s quite a challenge to start earning money, but you can start off by making more thoughtful wagers after going through various statistics and analyses.

  • How do I bet on Betika for beginners?

Betting on Betika is very simple, and one may do it online, using an app with Betika APK download, or by SMS.

  • What is the minimum bet amount in Betika?

Depending on the game, the minimum bet each play ranges from KES 5.00 to KES 1000.

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